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  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

    Parkourer 72Parkourer 726 päeva tagasi
  • I will jump off the 4th one if I was living by you guys but I’m from Oahu Hawai’i but that Shit look like Waimea bay rock

    Breani Gomez-CablayBreani Gomez-CablayМісяць tagasi
  • no cap my dream backyard

    MeidlaMeidla2 місяці tagasi
  • no cap my dream house

    MeidlaMeidla2 місяці tagasi
  • On 35 ft I went 18 ft deep how are they not hitting the bottom

    shadybabii heartshadybabii heart2 місяці tagasi
  • Add more

    Soren HarrisSoren Harris3 місяці tagasi
  • .

    FireFly PlayzFireFly Playz3 місяці tagasi
  • A story is typically 14 feet tall and each section looks about 8 feet from the way you grab the top with your hands up. Not 50 feet at all

    Sean TonnesenSean Tonnesen3 місяці tagasi
    • That is like 30 feet, no where close to 50

      Sean TonnesenSean Tonnesen3 місяці tagasi
  • How deep is the deep end of that pool

    Braden goodbearBraden goodbear4 місяці tagasi
  • copy tanner braundgaurt

    marsell marsellmarsell marsell5 місяців tagasi
  • Yes

    Grayson GGrayson G5 місяців tagasi
  • Corey’s laugh at the part when he was behind the camera😂

    Alexandra EmilianoAlexandra Emiliano6 місяців tagasi
  • imagine if someone manu off that

    Casey FlipsCasey Flips7 місяців tagasi
  • The pool need more water

    Tristion VanCampTristion VanCamp7 місяців tagasi
  • Dude the POV for the gainer scared the sh*t out of me 😂

    Aryahna KaltenbachAryahna Kaltenbach8 місяців tagasi
  • You should add a go pro at the bottom of the pool so you could see them hitting the water but in the water.

    Kai ReginaKai Regina8 місяців tagasi
  • Can you do last to open your eyes please.

    Luke BorchardtLuke Borchardt10 місяців tagasi
  • i have amazing idea like THIS IDEA BUT NO POOL TRAMPOLINE .. wait welp this is gonna be deadly its up to u guys i sub and like notice me and comment

    Neithan PlaysNeithan Plays11 місяців tagasi
  • How cant they have pain when they jump? The pool is not very deep?

    YUYUYUYU11 місяців tagasi
  • All I can think of is like back flopping or belly flopping and then there back turns 🛑

    NEVER _LOADEDNEVER _LOADED11 місяців tagasi
  • How do they not hit the bottom of the pool?

    TequaTequa11 місяців tagasi
  • 1 higher pls

    Daan BeekmanDaan Beekman11 місяців tagasi
  • Put a slide off the top

    THICCWAT3R Jonathan CappTHICCWAT3R Jonathan Capp11 місяців tagasi
  • come sub to me

    PCR BuildsPCR Builds11 місяців tagasi
  • Last one to leave the pool wins $30000

    KennyKennyAasta tagasi
  • If you're like fliplikeZ you can do a triple double or even a quad

    cornelius franklincornelius franklinAasta tagasi
  • FliplikeZ scream his lungs out

    cornelius franklincornelius franklinAasta tagasi
  • Way higher then that

    Cody ObrochtaCody ObrochtaAasta tagasi
  • I been higher

    Cody ObrochtaCody ObrochtaAasta tagasi
    • It was like 20feet deep

      Cody ObrochtaCody ObrochtaAasta tagasi
  • If you fill the pool with ball pits and jump from that high is the next level

    Az ZulskiAz ZulskiAasta tagasi
  • Love you guys keep up the work

    Jason MorrisJason MorrisAasta tagasi
  • New neighbor

    Shayne RandallShayne RandallAasta tagasi
  • You should make a zip line

    AJ BustosAJ BustosAasta tagasi
  • Did anyone else legit just notice that you/me have no subscribers! Subscribe try get me two 20 please

    Isabella SeegerIsabella SeegerAasta tagasi
  • Great video funk bros, keep up the great work, my friend and I are a slow growing youtube channel with some cool scootering content, It would be greatly appreciated if you checked out our channel. Thankyou people of the internet:)

    Bdub ScootsBdub ScootsAasta tagasi
  • We need more landon

    Jason SoteloJason SoteloAasta tagasi
  • i feel like y'all need to add more water to the pool that was scary

    Zamira JohnsonZamira JohnsonAasta tagasi
  • imagine what the bird sees at 9:01

    Emil Rosendal KongsdorfEmil Rosendal KongsdorfAasta tagasi
  • 4 stories, 10 feet per story+ EEworld click-bate=50ft

    Wendy GlennWendy GlennAasta tagasi
  • Y’all are savage

    Emorie AndersonEmorie AndersonAasta tagasi
  • How bad do u think it would hurt if u bellyflopped

    Alex UrbinaAlex UrbinaAasta tagasi
  • Imagine being a family member of the funk bros

    Archer TullyArcher TullyAasta tagasi
  • I liked it because tanner fox was there

    Rizzer 14Rizzer 14Aasta tagasi
  • Make this blue if you are part of the funk fam 👇🏻

    Liana VargasLiana VargasAasta tagasi
  • Make this blue is you. Love funk fam vids I ¥

    Gilbert and Sarah MichelGilbert and Sarah MichelAasta tagasi
  • Wait how deep is your guys pool

    Jordan BrownJordan BrownAasta tagasi
  • I just did the narlist squat

    Lenny MillsLenny MillsAasta tagasi
  • Where is billy or drage?

    guga galashviliguga galashviliAasta tagasi
  • I dare you to jump a bellyflop from the fift floor 👇Like if you want that to see it👇

    MilaOMGMilaOMGAasta tagasi
  • On October 28 2019

    I love to play SeigeI love to play SeigeAasta tagasi
  • Capron and Corey can you come to vernonia organ on October 28 2029

    I love to play SeigeI love to play SeigeAasta tagasi
  • My name is Landon

    Layndon GrayLayndon GrayAasta tagasi
  • I can’t imagine a belly flop from that

    Winston ReynoldsWinston ReynoldsAasta tagasi
  • dat eagle was the same hight when he jamp

    Stiene BastienStiene BastienAasta tagasi
  • I have been wandering.... where is Oliver?

    Cleddy cludeCleddy cludeAasta tagasi
  • Start scootering again

    tteplov2tteplov2Aasta tagasi
  • First 60 people to sub to me and like this comment I’ll sub to them and like your videos

    Jacob VerekerJacob VerekerAasta tagasi
  • "I just had a gallon go up the rear end"

    PNW Bushica AdventuresPNW Bushica AdventuresAasta tagasi
  • How are the goats doing?

    Sarah LeSarah LeAasta tagasi
  • That thing was already super sketch your insane Corry👍

    Its ConorIts ConorAasta tagasi
  • I love your videos I watch your videos every day I want to be just like you are best you tubers ever I want to meet you so bad or face time you you are the best

    Ed JohnsonEd JohnsonAasta tagasi
  • Does anyone want to talk

    black pantherblack pantherAasta tagasi
  • Pis your pant in frunt of a rendom

    Todd McDonaldTodd McDonaldAasta tagasi
  • Y'all give me so much anxiety! Y'all please be safe!

    Ashley TimsAshley TimsAasta tagasi
  • Show nova again plz

    Ryan CarlsonRyan CarlsonAasta tagasi
  • 7:23 I have thought he missed it 😭😂

    London EwaldLondon EwaldAasta tagasi
  • I’m sorry but did I just see billy on a purple mattress commercials

    Kathleen Lily BunkerKathleen Lily BunkerAasta tagasi
  • How was pastranaland

    karma bmxkarma bmxAasta tagasi
  • My last name is Gainer.

    Saryn GainerSaryn GainerAasta tagasi
  • You guys should come to Wisconsin.

    Matt BiertzerMatt BiertzerAasta tagasi
  • More of a 30-20 ft than 50

    ross summers 982ross summers 982Aasta tagasi
  • you should try a moving truck with jelly beans and ride in it

    Jay WolfJay WolfAasta tagasi
  • 9:02 that's a good comparison, look how high the bird is.

    •Aasta tagasi
  • If this is blue you like Capron more than Corey 👇

    Kat BrownKat BrownAasta tagasi
  • dare devils

    The Bryant FamilyThe Bryant FamilyAasta tagasi
  • Funk dare jump in pool with all cloths

    Jereon ReedJereon ReedAasta tagasi
  • #FunkBros you guys should get a deeper pool put in so you can do more things like this I love watching this stuff

    Damian BattagliaDamian BattagliaAasta tagasi
  • NO FEAR !!!!!!!! Like if u agree

    2 girls and a Dog2 girls and a DogAasta tagasi
  • Great content you guys!!! Keep that shit up ! Shoutout from México city

  • Sub to JEVEOX 1

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  • title says 50ft but is 40 ft -_- click baiter

    TosteyTosteyAasta tagasi
  • Only the og’s will remember when tanner braungardt done this

    Dbhoy_Dbhoy_Aasta tagasi
  • build a candy houseeee!!!!!!!!

    Awkward FionaTVAwkward FionaTVAasta tagasi
  • I would love to be your neighbor

    Maybe FreyMaybe FreyAasta tagasi
  • Make a vid with MARKO

    William AinsworthWilliam AinsworthAasta tagasi
  • I got anxiety just watching this

    Jonathan ShawJonathan ShawAasta tagasi
  • How are they not smacking the bottom

    Jack DoodsonJack DoodsonAasta tagasi
  • I thought there would be tsunami when drage jumped in 😂😂😁

    Prosafety PKProsafety PKAasta tagasi
  • That’s at most 30 feet tall

    Max JonesMax JonesAasta tagasi
  • Today's my birthday

    Carter BucklerCarter BucklerAasta tagasi
  • How deep is your pool?

    Kai LederKai LederAasta tagasi
  • Last to break there legs wins 10,000 dollars like if you want to see

    Ian RLIan RLAasta tagasi
  • Thank you funk bros for helping me throughout my day and making me feel better while I’m sick

    maddox smaddox sAasta tagasi
  • Hopefully that doesn't fall down😬

    JkUJkUAasta tagasi
  • I would do anything to be your neighbor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💯😳😳😳🙏🙏

    Abby WerdebaughAbby WerdebaughAasta tagasi
  • Spend 24 hours in it

    Faisalzad -Faisalzad -Aasta tagasi
  • love yall

    Rachel BuchananRachel BuchananAasta tagasi
  • I have a dare for you guys You should jump from the roof to a trampoline and do cool flips into the pool

    Xavier HernandezXavier HernandezAasta tagasi
  • @Funk Bros you should empty the pool then dig out the ground and make the pool deeper

    Ryan KligermanRyan KligermanAasta tagasi

    Bre QuarlesBre QuarlesAasta tagasi