First to Break In The ATM Wins Money Inside! *$10,000?*

23 nov 2019
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We bought an ATM off Craigslist that has been locked for years, we made it our goal to break in!
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  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

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  • You guys are so lucky because the couldn’t get the money out and you guys got it

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  • is that money real? if its you can like buy many pc and ps 4 and like that.

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  • Is that illegal

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  • Hi fuck bro’s

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  • What the fuck did u do we were sopose to break it open

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  • Bruh

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  • I think when you threw it I saw toilet paper

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  • Thats fake money

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  • Corey says the jackhammers annoying while caption keeps on using it

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  • At 10:24 what is he doing in the background

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  • I couldn't hear the video or vlog

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  • wow i never expected a dirt bike to come out of nowhere i like then i even have one

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    • @BOOFY thxs its a off brand one tho

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    • Omg really ur awesome

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  • MY ATM

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  • I fucking love your videos funk bros

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  • It is not a crybar it is a crobar

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  • God bless y'all

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  • Fake money

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  • How much is the debt bike

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  • Is hard to get into

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  • I think is drill and shoot able and smash a proof also I think there a 100k in there

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  • Maybe i should buy an ATM ?

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  • Whoever tried to open it before obviously didn’t try very hard. Or maybe the funk bros are just to gnarly

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  • did you buy that atm machine of the internet

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  • Money îs fake?

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  • Corey said I bad word

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  • I hate Corey

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  • Hit the jump to work out how to do the same time

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  • It's fake money there's a blue line threw it you can buy it wish

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  • I love you videos

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  • Can y'all do more of breaking into ATMs

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  • He said the f wordo

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  • Cool I’m breakable box or in this case I’m breakable ATM but they always break into it😂

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  • Corey you are jealous

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  • We already know this is staged they are new bills not old bills

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  • 10: 000

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  • 10: 000

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  • 10:24 Jason dancing on the dirt bike 😂

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  • I think that’s fake money

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  • Chucky top of a mountain

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  • some people could use that money

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  • Thank you for saying that Cory

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  • You are bending the cribar!

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  • That money looks fake

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  • It looks more than $10,000 it looks like they are millionaires

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  • But I thought Craig list was a scam

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  • I'm just imagining him jackhammering the ATM and the whole thing collapsing on him😂. Love the funk bros!

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  • Uhh it has only been 6 minutes

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  • Your brother capron funk socks

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  • Find break is say don’t be make a video but trying to break us say oh my god wait wait put $100,000 in it and whoever breaks it open gets all the money or the person that gets half of the money that breaks it open well the person that breaks it up and gets all the money but like the the person that like open zipper that gets like 1 dollar.01 hundred $ or something they get that money they get that dollar by I really love your guises videos

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  • was that fake money ?

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  • I am actually eating popcorn while watching this video

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  • Fake it said only $20 but there was just $100 bill but if it is real then shit you fucking lucky

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  • I’m surprised you guys don’t get noise complaints 😂😐

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