10 sept 2019
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  • Stop the cap

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  • Love it

    Grady The GrinderGrady The Grinder4 päeva tagasi
  • What’s this video over 100 times

    Zachary HortonZachary Horton4 päeva tagasi
  • There must have been like 10 cameras

    Fresh but GFresh but G6 päeva tagasi
  • Do the wap

    Kevin PalmaKevin Palma12 päeva tagasi
  • One leg Jeff

    Kai LightningKai Lightning13 päeva tagasi
  • Funk bros (having time of there life ) Me (sitting on the couch watching them have the time of there life )

    Kai LightningKai Lightning13 päeva tagasi
  • Y’all have the best intro ever

    Brb McdBrb Mcd14 päeva tagasi
  • Hi

    Freddie LawsonFreddie Lawson16 päeva tagasi
  • how did i only see this 1 year later XD imma make this 1day

    Roos den BoerRoos den Boer16 päeva tagasi
  • Your the best

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  • The world's largest slip n slide is 1,975 feet long, all I did was make one google search. Stupid idiots

    Mr.PanManMr.PanMan27 päeva tagasi
  • The world's largest slip n slide is 1,975 feet long, all I did was make one google search. Stupid idiots

    Mr.PanManMr.PanMan27 päeva tagasi
  • Can we get a like for Jeff

    Camden HeidtCamden Heidt28 päeva tagasi
  • I love your videos and can I have shoutout plz

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  • Should have invited the third tanner tanner Witt

    Jordan MusserJordan MusserМісяць tagasi
  • I can't even land a front flip

    zervixtion 2kzervixtion 2kМісяць tagasi
  • I wish I could have done that.

    Daryna PishchulinaDaryna PishchulinaМісяць tagasi
  • ive done one bigger than that

    Max MindokMax MindokМісяць tagasi
  • Fat back flip

    Angel WanoaAngel WanoaМісяць tagasi
  • I

    Landon LeeLandon LeeМісяць tagasi
  • Hi

    Paige AlexanderPaige AlexanderМісяць tagasi
  • Funk funk slide slip and slide long 100 ft yeah

    DarthMaulDude ‘DarthMaulDude ‘Місяць tagasi
  • Y’all are giving Jeff a great time

    Beans HighsmithBeans HighsmithМісяць tagasi
  • How do you guys do those flips and jumps

    Beans HighsmithBeans HighsmithМісяць tagasi
  • Make the biggest waterslide

    Jamee GoodJamee GoodМісяць tagasi
  • Fuc u tanner ass

    Pikapotato vlogsPikapotato vlogsМісяць tagasi
  • Looking at building a bigger one here in aus .. and tips?? Would post photos on where it’ll face an turn .... can’t post photos though

    Kyle RitzauKyle RitzauМісяць tagasi
  • The people that call the police on yall are just Karen's and wish they could have that much fun🤣

    Patricia BattlePatricia BattleМісяць tagasi
  • 🔥👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻🤣🤣👍🏻🙏🏻💯👍🏻🔥🤣🤣🔥👍🏻🙏🏻👍🏻🔥

    Guadalupe DiazGuadalupe DiazМісяць tagasi
  • 8:12 that was so cute

    aidanaidanМісяць tagasi
  • I love how they include the man with a disability.. sometimes this world is so nice 💕 💗 ❤️

    Zora BlossomZora BlossomМісяць tagasi
  • Hi I love your vids

    Cecelia ConleyCecelia ConleyМісяць tagasi
  • Jeff I gotcha leg hahaha has me dying

    Gavin WkeysGavin WkeysМісяць tagasi
  • flip

    Marikaite MatzMarikaite MatzМісяць tagasi
  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!

    Parkourer 72Parkourer 72Місяць tagasi
  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!

    Parkourer 72Parkourer 72Місяць tagasi
  • Corey is so osum when he

    Valerie RuizValerie Ruiz2 місяці tagasi
  • USA,USA,USA,USA,🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    Hugo FHugo F2 місяці tagasi
  • Woo Woo

    TUCKY 13TUCKY 132 місяці tagasi
  • If Corey stuffs up he swear and gets angry but Capron just laughs

    Nikita GNJNikita GNJ2 місяці tagasi
  • favorite youtubers ever

    Kadence HaywardKadence Hayward2 місяці tagasi
  • Probably the best intro on EEworld

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  • do a standing double back

    Brody DanahyBrody Danahy2 місяці tagasi
  • where is this located

    Comfy CornerComfy Corner2 місяці tagasi
  • wow

    Janise.odarri GordonJanise.odarri Gordon2 місяці tagasi
  • this is not the worlds longest the longest is 700ft

    Ruby DiamondRuby Diamond2 місяці tagasi
  • When I saw tanner fox it makes me think about cemershiels

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  • Pleas can you sub to me

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  • This must be expensive!

    GolbenscarO8GolbenscarO83 місяці tagasi
  • Did they all just ignore Drage laying down at the bottom at 13:46

    Johanna DickertJohanna Dickert3 місяці tagasi
  • You guys should’ve put soap on the slide and I love you guys so so much

    Rachel CollinsRachel Collins3 місяці tagasi
  • 2:13

    Mark PrietoMark Prieto3 місяці tagasi
  • Fill a truck with soap pa lot of it pls

    Cloud potatos EvCloud potatos Ev3 місяці tagasi
  • Double gainer

    Walker DemkeyWalker Demkey3 місяці tagasi
  • I wish I could have as much fun a the funk bros livin life to its full limit

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  • i challenge drew to do a double backflip standing on the ground

    Elma Andreasson LarssonElma Andreasson Larsson3 місяці tagasi
  • I love your videos I watch the one where they tied it up to the boat and you guys were jumping and all that and I'm somebody almost spell I really love that face video

    Juanita ChapmanJuanita Chapman3 місяці tagasi
  • Well it's crazy

    Eric AkinEric Akin4 місяці tagasi
  • Billy is another type of specimen...😂😂

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  • Sorry to spoil your fun but that’s not the biggest ever

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  • Can I get a tip about vlogging

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  • The first time I saw this was on Tanner Braungardt’s channel

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  • Dude Jeff is so cool

    Carter BurdineCarter Burdine4 місяці tagasi

    mask boimask boi5 місяців tagasi
  • Bruv yall shoulda bought a excavator to go up

    ramroummramroumm5 місяців tagasi
  • Capron:take of Your Shirt. All the girls:🤐🤐

    scott montgomery1123scott montgomery11235 місяців tagasi
  • I love how they always say "we got some tarp" and they come with like a football feild of it

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  • 15:53 in the background 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Subscribe my yT😊🙏

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  • خايب ماتكل خرة عراقي مو بيدي

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  • If you Made it longer it would be amazing

    AnoniemAnoniem5 місяців tagasi
  • You don't make no sense if you do all of that play another part of the family wait who you anyways I don't

    Arecesis JosephArecesis Joseph5 місяців tagasi
  • Who’s watching in 2020!

    1000 subs with no videos challenge Please do it1000 subs with no videos challenge Please do it5 місяців tagasi
  • I really wish I was friends with them

    Amelia StammAmelia Stamm5 місяців tagasi
  • Y’all shoulda used hair conditioner, that shit is slippery af

    wandrlustTMwandrlustTM5 місяців tagasi
  • Omg he has one leg I feel so bad someone pray for him so sad

    shedeen johnsonshedeen johnson5 місяців tagasi
  • Soloflow is the best flipper look up soloflow and subscribe

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  • I love it when drake just slips down the ya yeet is makes me laugh so much ❤️😂❤️

    Delores MorganDelores Morgan5 місяців tagasi
  • I wonder if plastic would make you go faster

    JC919JC9195 місяців tagasi
  • It’s so funnn at 1:30 because me is drinking juice It takes more time for me to get my things OMG I would. Never see this much likes

    F u f f l y YyF u f f l y Yy5 місяців tagasi
  • cool!!

    Hudson WolffHudson Wolff5 місяців tagasi
  • I can see your future there will be a pandemic

    Eazy freezyEazy freezy5 місяців tagasi
  • Hey try filing your pond with orbeez

    William StallingsWilliam Stallings5 місяців tagasi
  • Watching the funny videos and then the depressing ads

    Ryan LanctotRyan Lanctot5 місяців tagasi
  • And I love this video I love slip in for size and I will just run as fast as I can and jump as far as I can onto the mat

    Pro ruberduck XPro ruberduck X5 місяців tagasi
  • If you see this I would just want to say I would love hanging out with you guys you guys are so cool and lit

    Pro ruberduck XPro ruberduck X5 місяців tagasi
  • What are some cool flips I want you to teach me how to do that

  • Make the biggest pool ever with a water slide

  • Lots of white liquid in this

    StickbugStickbug6 місяців tagasi
  • You know the cops seemed to be pretty nice as they could be without going against there job

    Megan HeinrichMegan Heinrich6 місяців tagasi
  • Like a boss

    Danthekillerman 7Danthekillerman 76 місяців tagasi
    • Do it like a boss

      Danthekillerman 7Danthekillerman 76 місяців tagasi
  • And now there are trees planted everywhere... so this coudn't be done again...

    ErisedyMErisedyM6 місяців tagasi
  • If you’re reading this then you have to subscribe to our EEworld channel

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  • where is brit

    breece hoisingtonbreece hoisington6 місяців tagasi
    • she wasnt there then

      Kennedy LajoieKennedy Lajoie6 місяців tagasi
  • Funk bros: how about 800 ft water parj

    Rina PratiwiRina Pratiwi6 місяців tagasi
  • 0:6 the car in the backround is a kurima from gta

    LILNIK0LILNIK06 місяців tagasi
  • The fact that he did a flip with no leg is insane

    Pocket RocketPocket Rocket6 місяців tagasi
  • what's the name of that park

    M_MAGGIO36M_MAGGIO366 місяців tagasi
  • You’re the best funk bros keep it up

    Kryp 2Kryp 26 місяців tagasi