100,000,000 Orbeez in Semi Truck!

25 jaan 2020
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  • where did they get a shopping cart from???

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  • The boys are with your brother that’s your brother driving your car

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  • Comment orbits with your nose. Done

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  • my dude really in the corner like yummmmmmmm orbeez

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  • You should text the person that is driving pineapple when you are in the back

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  • orbeezx thats what i typed with my feet I SWEARR

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  • Hahahahaha

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  • like it

  • orbeez i did that wit my nose on a keyboard

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  • Me:👁👄👁people in the semi truck:AHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHH WOOOOOOOO

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  • I Love you Corey i live in Brazil but i Love you 😘

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  • Did anyone realise when Corey was driving he was on his phone. Very unsafe but u still make great videos

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  • Orby’s

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  • Ok

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  • the guys tatoo looked liked the orbez

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  • I'm honestly wondering how it would be if the container was made of glass...

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  • i ones got a orbee in my nose

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  • Ttf is everything rye yyy Rey

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    • That was nose and tounge

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  • Orbeez

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  • I don’t know how to spell orbess

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  • I am sorry but drake needs to work out

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  • orbeez BANG it took me 30 seconds to comment that with my nose!

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  • orbeez did it billy

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  • Who’s watching at the end of 2020 Like if you are

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  • orbeez that took sooo long my nose smells like keyboard

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  • EEworld just kicked me out 4 times today ...

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  • Orbeez is fun

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  • I wish I could be there🐼

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  • That is so cool

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  • You guys sould do slime

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  • orbeez!

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  • Orbeez with my nose.

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  • If i walked by a truck, and heard 6 guys screaming and the driver just smiling, i would call the cops 😌

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  • Orbeaz that was with my nose

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  • Orbeez I have done it.

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  • Why am I the one that thought I saw this when Corey was driving

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    • Am I the only one

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  • Me : I wish I could do this stuff with them and I wish I could meet them Also me : I’m never gonna meet them 😢

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  • Drage is better then flips then me

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  • Orbeez lol did it

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  • 9:59 that looks like so much fun and also why do you get to have powers to fly and I don’t

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    • Did that with my nose

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  • holy funk your so cool

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  • i have watched this video 5 times and this is the first day i commeted : i love you corey and capron!!!

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  • coment orbes with your nose billly how about u try Lol

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  • How boxes feel getting transported lol

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  • r

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  • Omg all I wanna do is spend a day with these guys

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  • i love orbeez

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  • Orbeez and that is spelled with my nose

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  • Orbeez yes i typed orbeez with my nos3

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  • Do u guys have a discord and Ik this is an old video also can’t u guys bring back your old intro and fill trampolines up with stuff again :)

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  • thatbwas with my nose

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  • That cool

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  • Hi I r

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  • 0:13 Honnnnnk

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  • They wish that this was there last day on earth now

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  • Orbeez ha I di that with my nose

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  • Hello

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  • You won't be able to because there is soooo many fans

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  • Orrbeez that was with my nose Idk how to spell orrbeez

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  • They don't know how much I want to join I pray you don't get hurt

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  • Why is a old guy watching the funk bros

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  • Now this is how they should “kidnap” people

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  • I'd be surprised if they did 1,000,000,000 or more Orbeez. that'd be interesting. overall, great video

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  • No nonono no no no

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  • Orbez I coment with my noes

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  • Ih

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  • Imagine them giggling while driving and the dudes in the back are just flopping around dead. They’re like “oh boy, they’re gonna have fun with this” *brakes* *corpses go flying.*

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  • Drage and you are my favorite ones there

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  • 0I’m in almost up to my kneeS” barley past his ankle

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