Using Secret Cameras To Cheat In Hide N Seek!

29 juuli 2020
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We covered our whole house with secret cameras to cheat in hide n seek
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  • Shutup

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  • lets do it boys. hannah is there

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  • Only the people who watched all the way through would understand this Corey: uh, cause, shut up 😂😂

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  • That backflip tho in the start

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  • Where is billy

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  • you could have said whoever it's from first how to do crack a egg on their head and eat it raw

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  • It’s like amoung us

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  • hanah is cool and pirfict corey so your bro neds to stop picking on you

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  • Cory’s shoes are so dirty. Anyone relies that 😂

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  • cool

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  • Yeye

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  • Like the people who disliked

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  • We got some haters dats watching

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  • get jack on yourvids more often

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  • L O L

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  • Jack Doherty

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  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!

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  • and craner/slogo

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  • IS THAT JELLY ? plz coment beck

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  • "you have 5 minutes to hide,, but were gonna go count to 1,003" ... yes corey.. cause that makes perfect sense

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  • Include rydel and ross in the next video

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  • Great video

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  • Love you guys Keep. It up

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  • Love too all creation :)

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  • Jesser did this first?

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  • House number 7732

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  • Come here 🇺🇸

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  • chetter

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  • 🐸

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  • So no one is going to tell Sol he hid for 2 rounds strait

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  • We were about to have baby got me

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  • Where is the s14

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  • Why is solo flow in there

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  • Drage will always RRRRAAAAGGGGEEEE

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  • In the thumbnail corey is like: POGCHAMP!!!!!!!

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  • I want to die

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  • does anyone know what kind of shorts corey is wearing in this video if so please reply to this comment

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  • U guys should hide and seek at target. :)

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  • More hide and seek Tayser please I have been watching your videos for a year and I love them shout out

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  • who saw the 👀 3:57

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  • Capron and Corey in the funk bro’s are all hyped up and happy and nice but in the mob there arguing and rude and never agreeing. Like if you agree

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  • You should blackout hide and seek cut the power to the house and there are no lights except for the finder and they can only have a crappy flash light and use night vision for the camera!! Anyone else think This would be a fun vid??

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  • beethoven symphony 9

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  • When u Start a video When do back flip the dobre twins know how to do that

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  • Why is every cover corey's mouth is open 😂😂 like all the timeeeeee!😂

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  • What the funk bro this is cheating but awesome way of hide and seek😎

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  • I love you Corey

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    • I watch your channel every single day

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  • Wait is capron and rydel having a baby ?????!!!

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  • Hi

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  • Jason 👁👄👁 got me kinda mad with the scrunchie

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  • Hi

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  • You from tiktok?

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  • hey

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  • Corey can claim so good and fast it is lit

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  • Who came from tiktok

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  • Today is by b day

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  • Jack wear thenisland productions merch loll

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  • “Frick me and the whole frick”- Corey 😂

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  • You should play hide and seek with your house full of dry ice but wearing gas masks so you can breath

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  • I love this channel

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  • 4:48 best spot ever

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  • Was Billy in the purple mattress video

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  • You guys should use a thermal cam

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  • 😎

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  • Jack has inp merch on lol

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  • If u read this ur gay

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  • Please Do a pt 2

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  • soloflow

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  • I'm a big fan of yall

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  • Ooooooooooooooooo they be cheatin

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  • Pls help me get to 50k

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  • i miss the old funk bro’s everyone has changed except corey i miss the old no family friendly stuff and tempist and the hide and seeks in ikea

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  • Why where skins when playing hide n seek???????????????????????

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  • Who else went back to 2:15 min into the video just to check Drew’s mad hiding spot 😂

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  • god /jesus is coming back repent of yor sins He loves you

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  • 🐸

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  • Sorry but so fake

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  • Hey is my sisters birthday in a few days and I whoud really appreciate it u chould say happy birthday to her. Her name is Tianna thx

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  • I love you guys so much

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  • can u do a new house tour please

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  • how did corey get up there so fast? i can barely do a pull up :(:

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  • If we made videos or streamed would anybody watch JW

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  • Has Corey Grown ?????

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  • 5:34 ....

  • When he walks in the bathroom the get shit done poster tho🤣😂

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  • They sorry funk bros but I have not been enjoying you're content here recently all the challenges and all that I have not been likeing so I am going to un sub cause I like the old funk bros not the new ones where you do hide and seek and that stuff

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  • I just figured out that Rydel’s brother is Ross lynch which is Austin from Austin and Ally

  • I love when the funk bros post

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  • 😁

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  • Corey: lets do a catch on the hide and seek. Capron: bring cámaras to now where’s everybody at. (First game) Corey founds capron and capron knows there camaras🤦‍♂️

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  • Yeet

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  • I turned on the post notifications. I’ve been watching your videos for sooo long and i absolutely love them ❤️

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  • 99.9 of you won’t see this but god bless you

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  • I literally died when Cory said “frick me and a whole frick” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • They should have told solo they left him and did another game

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  • “Corey” “Why are you dating Hannah?!” “Uh,cause”shut up” haha that made me laugh 😂 also love you guys

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  • towhoever is reading this youare a smart and very intelligent human being thank you :D :) also stay safe

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    • @Peyton Jordan of course :)

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    • Thx

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    • Really WOW everybody is sonice and have a great day

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    • This was the first comment I read and same to you

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    • @Ok now I’m Bored great blessings to you and have a great life :)

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  • You should do first to dress manikin wins

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