Extreme Hide N Seek in Strangers House!

27 sept 2019
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  • I have a challenge for u I can't message u so do a belly flop competition

    monkibot2monkibot24 місяці tagasi
  • You guys should have a funk house like the hype house

    Love AnimalsLove Animals6 місяців tagasi
  • 24hr challenge in an elevator? Anyone?

    Reuben WardReuben Ward6 місяців tagasi
  • I think you should bye the second house

    David JohnDavid John7 місяців tagasi
  • so cool😄😄😄

    Brittany ManningBrittany Manning8 місяців tagasi
  • Yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss

    Landon CookLandon Cook9 місяців tagasi
  • This update sux >:(

    COOKIE GACHACOOKIE GACHA10 місяців tagasi
  • Yes

    Jai PolydoreJai Polydore11 місяців tagasi
  • Y'all should play hide in seek in the most haunted house in your town.

    Itz RqinItz RqinAasta tagasi
  • 10:01 Cory: Geez, That’s my woman right there. Also Cory: *Instantly gets shot of her ass*

    NotDreemNotDreemAasta tagasi
  • That is a nice House

    Cadence TaitCadence TaitAasta tagasi
  • 1:30

    Dj clipsDj clipsAasta tagasi
  • Yes please

    Kazza. G.Kazza. G.Aasta tagasi
  • I met you at scooter zone today but said hi and didnt take pictures and now im mad

    LageishauejLageishauejAasta tagasi
  • Yo I haven’t watched this channel in two years and today my friend said it smells funky bro and my mind went straight to you guys.

    Zac LeakZac LeakAasta tagasi
  • do more house vlogs

    AintAThang92AintAThang92Aasta tagasi
  • This is what morjstu is known for

    Jonathan JonesJonathan JonesAasta tagasi
  • Take One Moment And Respect What The Funk Bros Do For Our Entertainment 🤟🤟

    Blaire WardBlaire WardAasta tagasi
  • Yes

    Eric MartinezEric MartinezAasta tagasi
  • you guys should bye a house and make a whole bunch of places to hide in it and use it as your hide in seek house that would be awsome

    Brandon the TardBrandon the TardAasta tagasi
  • Boring

    Charli GwynnCharli GwynnAasta tagasi
  • I like turtles

    Jake MeijerJake MeijerAasta tagasi
  • Follow me at cash evans on insta it has a dog wearing a hat that’s me

    Charles EvansCharles EvansAasta tagasi
  • Im too busy

    Amosjohn NodaAmosjohn NodaAasta tagasi
  • Sorry bros i didn't watched yo everyday because im busy.

    Amosjohn NodaAmosjohn NodaAasta tagasi
  • Who is watching in 2073

    Cole DixonCole DixonAasta tagasi
  • They are so cool funk bros 😻

    Ana LanderosAna LanderosAasta tagasi
  • It was basically like a house tour

    Iyanna McintoshIyanna McintoshAasta tagasi
  • I love u

    Lainey BargerLainey BargerAasta tagasi
  • MoreJStu does stuff like this

    Sawyer LanniSawyer LanniAasta tagasi

    Jazz 2494Jazz 2494Aasta tagasi
  • Dominick haywood

    olis _Crack3dddolis _Crack3dddAasta tagasi
  • yall should do it in construed houses

    Rachel BuchananRachel BuchananAasta tagasi
  • You should play hide and seek in a hauted house

    DEADPOOL godDEADPOOL godAasta tagasi
  • Do hide and seek in construction houses

    Claire SherwinClaire SherwinAasta tagasi
  • You should by the second house you saw in the video

    Kordell TrevinoKordell TrevinoAasta tagasi
  • Hey capron my birthday is on October 2nd I was wondering if you could do anything for me

    Yolpil-Thomas WrightYolpil-Thomas WrightAasta tagasi
  • Or just somewhere fun and random

    Stepbro- BrettStepbro- BrettAasta tagasi
  • Love your vids could you try a hide and seek at a public pool

    Stepbro- BrettStepbro- BrettAasta tagasi
  • Construction hide and seek please

    Doris TrawickDoris TrawickAasta tagasi
  • why do people dislike??

    Nathan MatternNathan MatternAasta tagasi
  • I think he is gonna buy the second house so he gets and excuse to own a monster truck and a lot of dirt bikes

    Cookieaddict 650Cookieaddict 650Aasta tagasi
  • Yes we wanna see it

    Cam HardyCam HardyAasta tagasi
  • What happened to Oliver Landon and jake and all your other friends Someone please answer

    JeysJeysAasta tagasi
  • Are you thinking about actually buying one of those houses?

    Jacob HornbakerJacob HornbakerAasta tagasi
  • Insest

    Cronen_ EXTREMECronen_ EXTREMEAasta tagasi
  • please do hide and seek in construction housess

    cara22cara22Aasta tagasi
  • Charlie looks like mr.bean

    L&S VidsL&S VidsAasta tagasi
  • What was the second song for the first house

    Brittany MimmsBrittany MimmsAasta tagasi
  • Do it

    Lewis WilliamsLewis WilliamsAasta tagasi
  • 😍🥰😍🥰

    Taiwo DyettTaiwo DyettAasta tagasi
  • Hi

    Taiwo DyettTaiwo DyettAasta tagasi
  • I love the funk bros they are so lit!!!!😀😀😀😀

    Cadence RoberstonCadence RoberstonAasta tagasi
  • You should do last to leave roof.

    Simba VukSimba VukAasta tagasi
  • You should do last to leave roof

    Simba VukSimba VukAasta tagasi
  • Nice intro

    RPxTRIGGA 239RPxTRIGGA 239Aasta tagasi
  • U should totally do construction houses!!!!

    Hannah LystilaHannah LystilaAasta tagasi
  • You guys should get some heelys and do hide and seek with that, or just go down a steep hill. (with some gear of course)

    Rose HRose HAasta tagasi
  • do hide nd seek in construction houses it’d be the best to watch but put in everyone’s prospective

    Brando_01_12Brando_01_12Aasta tagasi
  • The videos aren’t the same as they where a while ago now everyone is separate I plz go back together like Capron is like never there no more

    Cuzzins For LifeCuzzins For LifeAasta tagasi

    Graciela CastanedaGraciela CastanedaAasta tagasi

  • The pond was the best he gave all his time

    Arianna BalasarArianna BalasarAasta tagasi
  • Hide and seek in the Haunted forest since its almost Halloween?!?!?

    Armando GarciaArmando GarciaAasta tagasi
  • You should do another collab with the ireland boys or with Faze Rug

    Armando GarciaArmando GarciaAasta tagasi
  • Damnnnnn u guys are still going!!?!? 👌🏼

    loveforthe90sloveforthe90sAasta tagasi
  • You should do 24 hr in a pool of lotion xx

    Lucy HopeLucy HopeAasta tagasi
  • i just played hide and seek with my friends in the backyard of our neighbour and thankfully we hid so well that the seeker is the only one that got caught by the neighbour!nice hat btw corey

    Kent AzucenaKent AzucenaAasta tagasi
  • You should do construction houses and haunted house playing hide’n’seek 😂

    Kami KearneyKami KearneyAasta tagasi
  • You guys should stay 24 hours in a haunted house

    Monster JokerMonster JokerAasta tagasi
  • Corey and Capron why dont you make your pool elephant toothpaste or jello for your next vid Pls if you shout out me sy to subscribe to my channel cause my dream is to be a vlogger some day and be famous like you guys ty guys

    Dessivin TarucDessivin TarucAasta tagasi
  • Do hide and seek in a water park

    Amelie NormandAmelie NormandAasta tagasi
  • Wow that house has an elevator?! That's crazy!

    juliem_1986juliem_1986Aasta tagasi
  • Hey what is up Funk Bros. I love you guys,your youtude channel,i subscribed. You guys are the best...l love this video. I want to do it or try it with my friends now. LIKE IF YOU ARE WITH ME ON THAT.👇👇👇

    kayla howekayla howeAasta tagasi
  • Hide n seek in the sale house?? That’s the first human I ever seen do that!! That’s honestly Creative ❤️❤️

    Zellina .1Zellina .1Aasta tagasi
  • Hide n' seek, you can hide anywhere in your city.

    Ian HansonIan HansonAasta tagasi
  • nobody: corey: **[at house #2] stops playing the game and actually buys the house**

    sophia tsophia tAasta tagasi
  • Construction hide and seek

    Jesse LJesse LAasta tagasi
  • Next video: We brought a new house!

    Zoe MalcolmZoe MalcolmAasta tagasi
  • You guys should do a version 3 of the stun gun

    Donnie LawsonDonnie LawsonAasta tagasi
  • I think you should do it in a conversation site that would be awesome

    makenna pawsonmakenna pawsonAasta tagasi
  • You should make your floor legos

    Røse WølfRøse WølfAasta tagasi
  • Don’t try this at home try this at a open house

    Colby JackColby JackAasta tagasi
  • Construction

    The_ FaithinatorThe_ FaithinatorAasta tagasi
  • The funk bros going house shopping: No one: Not a single souls: Corey: we should turn this into a hide and seek video!

    Ayla ZuzekAyla ZuzekAasta tagasi
  • This so fucking cool

    Krissi MoederndorferKrissi MoederndorferAasta tagasi
  • You should make a video with Sed

    Matteo NespoloMatteo NespoloAasta tagasi
  • At the house the next one

    Maya HenryMaya HenryAasta tagasi
  • plz respond ive watched your youtube channel since the begginig

    Patrick CreeganPatrick CreeganAasta tagasi
  • hi

    cawcawAasta tagasi
  • Do a hide n seek on your WHOLE PROPERTY

    Yanick LangeYanick LangeAasta tagasi
  • I love you guys so mush you inspire me soooo much tell Corey I’m getting a matching scooter his

    Goofy DoofyGoofy DoofyAasta tagasi
  • Subscribe to haddeana

    HaddeanaHaddeanaAasta tagasi
  • Are you guys going to buy a house?

    Monica KennedyMonica KennedyAasta tagasi
  • Constuction house yes

    Yogann -_-Yogann -_-Aasta tagasi
  • New funk bro’s house number 2

    DSM_boy 301DSM_boy 301Aasta tagasi
  • i hope you see this, becuse i realy want you guys to fill up a trampoline or a moving truck with cereal

    SweSweAasta tagasi
  • Bring said back!!!!

    Lorenzo LoaizaLorenzo LoaizaAasta tagasi
  • Ok think about it your tryna sell ur house and still have everythibg in place then u come home and find one of the bros in ur shower. Wyd ?

    Trinity HeinrichTrinity HeinrichAasta tagasi
  • Am I the only one wondering what the rope in their pool is for

    Caden_1107Caden_1107Aasta tagasi