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  • PastranaLand was a incredible! Thanks for having us Nitro Circus & Hot Wheels for making this possible!

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    • When ever I'm sad this channel makes me happy

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    • this is mine address 2300 juanita Lane sacramento California

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    • Toxic Ghostz

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  • Am I the only one watching this in 2020

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  • Ryan is lazerbeam of biking

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  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!

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  • Omg is that Travis pastrana he is so old😂

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  • Bro the kid on the bike is Sooooo lucky. He met Aaron from braille skateboarding and he met funk bros

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  • He is Australian like me yeah I need one of the best people in Australia he's an Aussie legend demonstrating Leonard bye typo that means Aussie legend Australian legend I like your videos if I

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  • Hi

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  • Love funk bros

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  • funk bros for life

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  • I could smoke you all who were driving pit bikes

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  • cool tipe

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  • I love you vids and I want to meet you one day

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  • ,w,e

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  • My names kaiden

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  • I ride motorbike

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  • Hi funkbros

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  • Anyone watching in 2020??

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  • Hi

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  • That would be so fun jumping the jumps in the big rises

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  • So nice seeing you guys skating again

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  • Dose Corey have adhd bc I do he semms really cool tho

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  • It wa so funny that the who's wearing the mask 😂😂😂😂

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  • Keep doing some scooter

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  • I love you guys you sick I definitely have hit the like and the subscribed

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  • You guys should do last to leave the scariest amusement park

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  • Isn’t this where romans friend broke his back

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    • no

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  • If you like my comment you would make my day love you guys

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  • Travis Pastrana is my best friends god father my best friends dad is cowboy Keeney and his son is Brooks Bartram

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  • Can i come

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  • 3:33 1600  I just got from here *VB2.ONLINE**  I fell good to get it free  එය සොයා ගැනීම හොඳයි

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  • I just subscribed

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  • I met Ryan Williams I even have a picture of them

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    • I meant him

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  • Can I come? :) :(

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  • you the best

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  • you the be

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  • Christian col

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  • Can I live there??😅

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  • You guys are crazy good at scootering!

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  • lol i paused at 2:54

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  • I love Caiden

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  • Bro capron should sign up for Trampwall Tribe

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  • congrats on getting to this point in your life to be friends with the greatest action sports star of all time! it has been my lifelong dream to get to pastranaland, but i probably never will. but that's fine. congrats!!!

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  • Cool

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  • Vdkd

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  • That’s Caiden bmx

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  • I love watching your videos i have been watching u guys of a couple years and I support you guys alot

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  • You can see a drone at 8:09

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  • محمود ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • I wach caidens channel to ya'll should wach him to

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  • I watch caiden

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  • Travis Scott has a Netflix it is called nitro circus

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  • Amusement part always gives me this giddy feeling and has for years. I feel like a little kid again. The only other thing that can do this for me is music. When I listen to bands like Delta Parole, the best

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  • So where is the theme park

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  • talk about clickbait

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  • Me: *gets an inch of the air* Ryan: *freaks out*

  • you should go to rwilly land

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  • My first initials are JW but it is our W actually charge of you while I’m watching for

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  • scooter boy!

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  • Maiden does yt

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  • Hello people watching in 2020

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  • For some reason now ur videos are shite o don’t even know why I am even served to you 2

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  • Go back there

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  • Get them to five mil

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  • Coreys the near future dad

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  • Any Nascar fans see the sheet medal for Pastranas number 60 car

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  • I'm a menber

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  • Hello cadien i love your vids

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  • Travis cool trick😃😁😀😆😁

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  • The little kid just doesnt bounce on the tramp

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  • I saw the video with Hunter and Kayden like I just watched it and now I’m watching your video

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  • Oh wait this video is uploaded on my brothers birthday

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  • Yo Caiden bmx and R willy

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  • 12:20 I'm watching then I say weeeeeeyeeety

  • Dang

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  • Corey is so good at scooters

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  • What does people with the channel is called Kayden BMX

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  • Caden is from caden bmx

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  • Travis needs a baja truck

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  • My cousin lives across the street

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  • I was so scared for you guys

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  • You guys are crazy I love your content and you are very dumb sometimes looking at you Cory.

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  • I love this video 🤟

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  • R Willy was hyped today

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