Filled our House With Styrofoam Peanuts completely!

8 nov 2019
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#ad Thank you to Hot Wheels for paying us to make this video
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We Filled Our Entire House with Styrofoam Peanuts... We are crazy.... wish you could jump in with us
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  • Yeas

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  • yes all of them

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  • Unspeakable has motor stores

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  • 4/4

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  • Did you guys see attana swallow a packing peanut at 7:27

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  • Yes

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  • hi love your vids

  • what the funk

  • i had saw 3

  • watching this is 2020...have fun.

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  • i have a nabor that has a hot wheels car

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  • I got all and all of them was draw and 1 carpon

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  • I got 4 lol i missed 1

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  • Hi

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  • round 4

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  • 3:53 i think he broke his collarbone

    Mateusz SosnaMateusz SosnaМісяць tagasi
  • preston SUCKS

  • Legend says they are still cleaning up

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  • Rip for your house

    Little StitchLittle StitchМісяць tagasi
  • Im only thinking on how they gonna live in there

    dam boii im nicedam boii im niceМісяць tagasi
  • Ya

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  • No

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  • Ya

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  • Ya

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  • Put packing peanuts in water

    Jesse RychlikJesse RychlikМісяць tagasi
  • At the start I thought all of it was marshmallows

    Daniell`e NortheyDaniell`e NortheyМісяць tagasi
  • i got all right

    Naiya DunnNaiya DunnМісяць tagasi
  • the peanuts are in the toilet 😂

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  • I did the fine the spot and I got drage for all of them 😂😂

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  • Yes

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  • The thought of cleaning that up gives me anxiety

  • 12

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  • How are they going to get all of,them out xx

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  • got it 4

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  • not 3

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  • and secone one

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  • got it first one

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  • I like you both I do not know who do pick

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  • I found guys all five times

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  • Team Preston

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  • Hi did all of them

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  • I've gotten them all right

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  • Funk Brose

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  • KK

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  • Yes

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  • Imagine how long that took yo clean up

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  • I literally got drew every time at the end

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  • Yes I ded

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  • That could full the all of your yard

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  • I got them all right

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  • 4 /3

    Molly GreenMolly Green2 місяці tagasi
  • Preston have a bigger chance of winning.He has more subs

    lin lei pyae sonelin lei pyae sone3 місяці tagasi
  • Legend has it that people 500 years later their still finding packing peanuts in this house

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  • Hi

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  • 4

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  • **8 months later** **still finding packing peanuts**

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  • Yes

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  • I am team preston

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  • Can you breathe under it

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  • I surprisingly got all them right

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  • Got it right

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  • was this video made just to make the people watching extremely jealous because that is what I am feeling while typing this comment.

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  • I wonder how long it’ll take to clean it up o.o”

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  • I found all u guys

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  • How do u clean all that up

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  • You are the best thing in the world that I would ever change but I’m home alone and I’m bored so can you please come to my house I live in Littleton so yeah can you please come because I don’t wanting you to come to my house because I love these guys who do you ours are your one of my favorites because you are my favorite so can you please come to my house please my name is Josie with a heart so bye please come to my house

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  • You are my favorite you tuber

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  • Can you breath under there?

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  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

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  • So I just had my teeth done and watching your videos makes the pain go away

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  • All four rounds

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  • Noice

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  • And the end of this they were :so uuummm.... naw what There mum:u had hard time with chores naw this 😬 Me:ya good luck with that

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  • I got them all correct

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  • Who here wants to work for the funk bro’s

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  • I think drage looks better with a beard

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  • i found all of them

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  • I see drew everywhere

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  • 😂😂

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  • I like. You guys

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  • I wonder how long it took to clean it

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  • Wow can you sand me 3 bags or tell me were you got it

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  • You guy are the best youtuber

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  • I'm thinking if I fall down thos starers I'm done I'm going to be like dom Dom Dom down the stairs

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  • Yes all of the times I did

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  • I got all right

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  • I Got three right

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  • I like botj you and preston

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  • Hi

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