Spending 24 Hours In 5 Story LEGO Tower!

25 okt 2020
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Spending 24 Hours In 5 Story LEGO Tower!
Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) @Corey Funk @Capron Funk
Funk Brand: funkbrand.co/
MANAGEMENT: s.jacobs@bep-la.com

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  • lego huose is epic epic like yuor chanell

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  • BOBBY i need power!!!!!!!

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  • “Bobby.... I NEED POWER” -Capron Funk 2020

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  • I love how when Drage grabbed Hannah in the air Corey said: Hey hey hey that’s mine

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  • "SHUT UP MOM!!!!!!!"

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  • kongrats vit your babi :)

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  • I haven’t watch you almost in a year I am going to start watching your game LOL

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  • *These guys would have a 951 area code. 7 guys 1 chick.That checks out.*

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  • That looks like a princess tower when a princess is kidnapped

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  • The reaction Capron had when he got a cup: ahhhhh!!!!!!! It’s eco friendly Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! It’s smoothie approved Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!

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  • Imagine the lego tower broke :BOBBY POWER Have save the day

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  • I woke up like de

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  • That's so cool I would like to do that

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  • i love you all guy so much XD

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  • One time I built a lego

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  • Funk Brose can you slide on a slide with slime

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  • I love how Capron went and picked Ryder up bridal style

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  • Anyone Notice The pp at 2:32 lol

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  • Yea we know Corey

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  • Do last to leave the house

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  • The very end tho 😂

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  • I don’t know how fake this is

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  • I can’t get the form I’m thirteen

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  • Aww u guys did this at your old house😁😁

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  • I love your videos of you watching this since day one and I found one of the gold coins but then I had to fly back to on Youngstown that's where I live it was busy very shiny one

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  • I love your video so much and it is my Birthday and I ❤❤ I hope Reply

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  • Your the best you are my favourite EEworldr

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  • When you find out that the pizza guy is a fan of Rydel and Capron, aw

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  • I watched the funny and informative video well. You have a good hobby. Want to be a close friend.. 우리 친구해요~😊😊😊😊😊

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  • and i turned on post notifications and subscribed also i turn 14 next week so on your next vid can i get a shoutout

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  • bro can i get a shoutout bro i have dreamed for a shoutout since you guys started youtube it would mean the whole entire world to me

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  • Ok, so is Jason your brother or what because I was watching one of your old videos and you guys said he’s your neighbor so what? I am confusion

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  • Who likes Corey

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  • Finally.

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  • I left because they said they were playing among us

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  • Yes billy

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  • Funk bros vs dangie bros

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  • What was your intro music before? IT went like this: 1 2 3 iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou

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  • I love the end with gunner lol

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  • I helped the people who used to live there move.

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  • Wait I really want to know what word they were saying 😂😂

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  • the way how i found u guys is from faze rug video ¨Who is the strongest youtuber¨

  • so look i need a scooter for 159.95 and can you dm me funk bros

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  • Capron talks too much about relationships.

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  • Mann billy is annoying af

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  • Cool👍👍

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  • Do u need a good idea for a new content do a kite flying contest with safety

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  • When you were all calling people my phone tang

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  • Wow guys you guys are the best so keep working hard because you guys are well in doing stuff for us and I love you guys so bye

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  • I love you guys so much

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  • Corey’s prob pissed everyone slept inside. I would be too

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  • I ain't gay, but that pizza man got a sharp jawline

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  • Scooter guy😎

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  • What happen to scootering ?

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  • Wow best vid I’ve Seen. ??? Is there gonna a part two for the hiring paranormalists for ghosts

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  • OMG why is this video so short

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  • How do play among us

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  • You guys are so cool☺

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  • 5:23 Russian-Jamaican Billy

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  • Stick it challenge on a trampoline every trick u do u have to stick it aka land it

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  • When drage picked up Hannah Corey was like no no no and took her away from him.

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  • 2:51 i could tell he was so weirded out lol 😂 would be hilarious if he actually became her boyfriend.

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  • Hey capron we played fornite together like 2 years ago my username was crazyApollo if u remember ne

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  • Drage: it says boy fort on it! Corey: yeah!

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  • I watch you from 3 years ago and still watch your vids

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  • Ahahah.... this was the best. I love when Capron was like "Bobby! I need Power!" AHAHAH.

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  • You guys should get wet socks merch

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  • Who else thinks they should do an overnight in target

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  • @8:30 Bye

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  • i know that carpon and rydel baby is going to be handsome

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  • Yooo Billy 😂😂

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  • 4:42 holy moly my ears 💀

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  • Corey bring back the Mc flip

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  • Hilarious, the ending😂😂

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  • 0:59 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

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  • You guys should fill a moving truck with snow or Halloween things like slime with cobwebs in it that would be really cool to watch but it's up to you guys just a suggestion oh and I love you guys and the props who are not subscribe are missing out alot of fun and cool vids there's missing out

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  • Why did u call me

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  • "Guys I'm a dad now, rydel is pregnant everyone needs to go to bed now." Capron funk...

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  • Its eco friendly ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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