Backyard Waterpark Obstacle Course!

28 mai 2020
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We built a backyard waterpark obstacle course!
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  • The Water Park Games To Play The Course

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  • 5:20 “Up next we have Billy Mann the manliest of Billy’s” 😂😂😂

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  • rydal and britt no hate but britt did tricks while competing and did the rope so if she didn’t i think she would’ve done better

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  • 1:54

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  • I love that Drage did this. Talk about a freaking inspiration to people like me and to have amazing friends cheering him on, it can’t get any better. 💞

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  • Why is drage got a top on

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  • Billy should commentate ESPN or some typically boring sport and make it more fun with his commentary!

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  • Whenever I see RYDEL I think of a kind version of Harley Quinn

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  • Billy on the side with the dad jokes

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  • Who is actually a fan

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    • Me

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  • Who’s wacthing this after the funeral

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  • I just love Drage lol🧡🧡

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  • love youfunk bros-

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  • More amazing content 😍😍 great job funk family.

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  • L

  • I wish I had that backyard

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  • I watched that one vid on the mob where Corey said thanks to last pass for sponsoring this portion of the video

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  • Pineapple and pepperoni pizza is the best

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  • Do you like rugby

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  • My man billy is literally the best spokes person 😂

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  • I luv ur videos and tik toks!

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  • Is the pond still gone

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  • But u don’t need lastpass if you have a iPhone

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  • I love you cory

  • Yo guys need to go to a pool called Dixie swim club it’s really cool

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  • Uh that does not like like 6 feet apart😂😂

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  • What about slipp n fly?

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  • Hi8

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  • Y’all are so dangerous lol

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  • Chellsie got 🎂to

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  • Rydell got 🎂to

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  • Brit got 🎂

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  • Billy is the goat 🐐

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  • If this comment get a like I’m going crazy

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  • How has this only got 750,332 views this was sick 😝😜

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  • Rydel please answer me where did you get your bikini I love it!😍❤️

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  • Suggestion put a foam pit in the backyard

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  • cory is a bit of a sore loser, 'oh cause I went first I need to go again because I was trying to do all the obsticals not just going quickly'.. umm ok mate just take the L it makes u look like a loser needing another go and then still nt wnning

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  • I’m so happy you have drage do the challenges too, I know it helps him feel better because I’ve been in those situations ✊🤗👍

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  • why is it at 2:54 there is a girl speaking in the back ground

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  • the way she hit the ya yeet and flew

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  • Omg capron’s hair is curly I am shook

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  • this is wrong i think if you go up the poll you loose

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  • Nic and chels slipped at the same point. ❤️😊😂

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  • we just going to just let the time just by 10 36:00

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  • Jake Paul stole the couches✌🏼

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  • LIKE

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  • doyounofazerug

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  • yourthebestyoutuber

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  • Hi

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  • ]];

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  • have fun corey: no

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  • When it'a Nicks turn to do the course what is the background music called. I would like to know. I love the beat to it so much.

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  • I'm a new subscriber and I like how u guys don't talk alot before u actually get into the challenge love u guys already ❤❤ like if agree

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  • Ian not old enough to text you at community so what’s everyone’s favorite meme comment which one and leave a like

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  • When you realize that the only reason you came here to see if they put Jake Paul in the video

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  • that was soo funny but you guys should do a hide n seek video again

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  • I'm subscribed and turned on post notifications

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  • Drage my man he did a front flip so cool👍

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  • Hi

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  • It should have been +10 seconds for not taking the rope

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  • Billys job should be a commentary

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  • That looks so much fun I want to make my backyard look like that 😮😮

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  • can someone please tell me where to get the slide

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  • honestly, I really miss their videos from like 2017 those were the good ol days

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  • i love how you guys always cheer for everyone until they are at the finish line, you guys have to best sportsmanship!!!

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  • Dredge is a legend

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  • Capron not to be mean or anything but you need a hair cut cause I look way different I don't mean this to be a bad message I'm geust saying

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  • Do you guys have a movie out???

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  • 😯😯😯😯😮😮😮

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  • Tbh the last pass is that good what is someone’s take your phone and they can auto maticly go in stuff and do things

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  • I use last past toooooooooooooo

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  • Can you shout me out on my birthday.June 2

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  • they are literally carrying quarantine rn

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  • lets gooooooo

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  • Rydel probably always had fun in her life with 4 Brothers but honestly I think Capron coming into her life was the best that could’ve happened to her. We see her having so much fun with all these hella funny and adventurous people and it just makes me happy to see her happy. 💗

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  • Did anyone else think Rydel looked like Harley Quinn

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  • 5:02

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  • When I first saw it I was like why is Corey wearing a sports bra

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  • funk bros look at unspeakable's video called " 15 ways to sneak candy into the movie theater " and the time of the video is 14:14

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  • Why cap always only helping his girlfriend

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  • I don’t understand why nobody in the house has wanted to date billy, he’s so sweet. Every other guy has a girl in the house

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  • if u watch the mob, you know exactly where Corey recorded himself talking about last pass 😂😂

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  • Lastpass huh, how about apples password remember function

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  • The real MVP is the camera man for keeping up with all of them

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  • Imagine if LastPass gets hacked, everyone's details and passwords leaked.

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  • DUDE rydels FACE when she flops off of the slide is SO FUNNY 🤣🤣

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  • Britt. Omg you need to ice it and stop doing things *to Corey Billy. Okay MOM

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  • Y’all are the best EEworldrs EVER!!!

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  • That looks so fun!!! Literally my 10 Year old dream (I’m 10 rn though) like if u agree that this looks soooooooooooo fun!!!!!!

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  • She didnt climb the rope so britt won

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  • Hi

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  • Hey guys I’ve been watching the brothers for a while now and recently they have inspired me to start making my own videos. I make challenges, forfeits and vlogs. I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and let me know what you think. Have an awesome day❤️

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  • This looks like so much fun

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  • I love your vids

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