Slip N Slide Through Impossible Shapes!

2 mai 2020
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Sip n slide through impossible shapes in our backyard waterpark
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    • @RulerYT ima make that coment go to 60

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    • Can't I call you

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  • Watching this in 2021 just brings back mempries

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  • There job Is to have fun and I like there job there are bosses at there job

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  • Who watched this video over and over again just to watch Capron and Rydel go through the heart shape together I did 🤣

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  • M

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  • Why is drew always going in with his shoes on

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  • I love your videos so much I Watch your videos every single day long even when I go to bed I love you guys you guys make me have a good day the next day and my country is Canada I live in Ajax and I love you guys

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  • Waw🤩🤩🤩😘

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  • you are so dum corey

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  • This is alsom

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  • I. Like your. Videos

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  • funk word is GNARLY

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  • yooo i subed to you can you sub to me?

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  • Did you text Amy and I'm 8 years old

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  • Is Noone from the tiktok video?

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  • Your fungiy

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    • Wrong😌

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  • You’re fungy

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    • Still wrong😳

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  • The fatty did great

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  • I love the storm what you don't so much bye

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  • who is watching this when corey and hannah are dating like if your are bord at home l v

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  • 1:00 am I the only one who laughed 😅

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  • Lo

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  • Hi

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  • The best video

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  • Capron: You can sit on my lap *smirk* Me: o-o oh....

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  • 3:58 Thats gotta hurt his pp

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    • Ikr😔

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  • whats the join button do

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  • You guys should some how put a trampoline at the end of the slide and bounce of that into the pool

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  • They moved the heart

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  • Ηστε μαλακε!

  • Dude billy makes me so happy!

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  • Subscribe to them they are awesome

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  • Omg I’m dying 😂

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  • I love the couples 🥰

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  • Billy is so funny even when i have a bad day he still makes me laugh!!

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  • '

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  • I love you guys but you have a pond at your back yard why don’t you use them and it is much bigger and better

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  • Y’all have made my quarantine so much better

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  • hanna is my thia

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  • omg

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  • Hey guys

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  • It like cut nicks neck 🤣

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  • Here you go children - Rydel 2020

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  • Rydell is literally the mom of the group and Billy’s older then her 🤣 her with the watermelon is so cute 🥰

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  • Me: Capron:BILLY Me:🤣🤣🤣

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  • no one: no one: editor: this is Corey he really likes shapes

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  • Can you add me on fortnite please my epic is horsey_pig

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  • It does not work

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  • The shot that drage did it was so cool that dude perfect got jealous

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  • I feel the need to emphasise how adorable Corey and Hannah are togetherrrrr 🥺👏🏼

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  • I feel the need to emphasise how adorable Corey and Hannah are togetherrrrr 🥺👏🏼

    Lola PritchardLola Pritchard8 місяців tagasi
  • @FaZeRug

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  • Hello

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  • No one; Literli no one

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  • 4:18 when you making a joke but only you thought it was funny 😂

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  • they’re literally a knock off version of the dangie bros, they have similar names and they copy their videos. 🙄

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  • I love you guys your sick 🤘

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    • Slip n slide through impossible shapes

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  • I just love how you guys swim with shoes on😹😹

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  • You should do a last to stop kissing underwear

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  • We want more couple svideos with Hannah and Corey,Capron and Rydel,Drew and Britt and Nick and Chelsea

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  • Drage make anything look possible much love to all of the funk bros for making youtube not boring

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  • When drage went thriugh both of the circles was very awasome

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  • P

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  • Nobody: Billy’s energy: bfrgeiqncigeqvdqvidgldeqvgioveqdigocdveqdveqigocvdqeviog

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  • Like that the fat guy made him self one cus he dus not fit in the ones that use

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  • My cousin said funk you

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  • No one: Literally no one: Drew: ima wear shoes

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  • Where can you buy those giant tubes?

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  • I found your channel 3 years ago but I didn’t sub cos I didn’t know what it did but I found it again two days ago

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  • I ship everyone who went through the heart one ❤😂

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  • Love you guys

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  • Every time I watch one of you guys videos all it does it make my day and make me laugh so hard:)love you guys:)keep up the awesome good work:)

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  • what you should do is grab a piece of styrofoam, cut a circle in it big enough for you to go through, and try and do the assasins creed leap of faith

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  • Hey funk brose

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  • i love your Slip N Slide through impossible shapes

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  • got to 3:15 someone said the n word

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  • 5:48 was bromance

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  • Hi

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  • Is Corey got a new girlfriend

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  • Billy is my fav❤️❤️💜💜💙💙

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  • Anyone else love Billy😂😂😂

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  • you guys should make a game for mobile like this slip n slide

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  • I miss coreys brothers old hair

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  • The shapes should be made of iron

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  • You guys should do more of these videos

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  • I should be doing me work but I watch this

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  • drew and brit togeter = Drit

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  • I saw billy on the add called purple

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  • Corey do you still remember your pet rat ruby

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  • OMG you are my EEworldrs you are the best I love y’all all and I subscribed and turn on notifications and hit the like button

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  • One of my BIGGEST Goals is to meet the Funk Bros and be apart of as many videos as i can !!!!

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  • You guys should do staying in a empty pool for 24hours🙏

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  • This video is epic

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  • You are the funny 😂 guys hahahah I love your videos:) :p:D

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  • I hope you don't mind me asking but can you play FORTNITE duos with me🤓

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  • You guys are AWESOME 🤙👍

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