Hide N Seek From K9 Police Dogs!

17 juuni 2020
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  • my dog name is apollo

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  • He m

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  • My what’s theBristles is it gonna push man is here

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  • Corey should hide behind the microwaves more it will be more challenging Funk Bros are my favourite channel and EEworldrs I love u guys u rock ❤😁😎🤓☠

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  • That man pulled the dog so hard

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  • there soooooooo cute

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  • Kory pretty buff

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    • Opal is so cute

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  • U should get a husky

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  • That’s funny

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  • Apollo is sooooooo cuteeeeee

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  • U guys are the best EEworld's I have watched and u definitely deserved that six million

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  • More videos please

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  • The second dog was soooooooo cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • My thoughts the whole video "GOOD DOGGY"

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  • How is it feel to get bit by that canine Corey I bet it felt bad because I became knife

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  • So cute and awesome!

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  • We have those dogs

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  • That dog is so cute

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  • Apollo the best

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  • They are my favourite dogs

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  • Wait. Behind the microwave 😂

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  • How to be safe from k9 1. Be the camera man

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  • You should play hide and seek with a tiger

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  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!

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  • Imagine Apolo found a stalker in your house

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  • Guys that's CRAZY!!!!!!

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  • I have a Belgian malinois its super friendly

  • S

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  • Corey is my cousin he doesn't know me

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  • I don't like k9 I like apolo

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  • U guys should get a dorike it's a yorkie slash dashowned

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  • I love how capron nodded at the guy on the first round of hide and seek to get the dog

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  • Who came here from the tiktok

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  • Apollo is a cane corso and he is so beautiful he looks like a fawn or a formentino color

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  • To the 1 percent who is reading this you can do anything stay safe and have a great day ❣️😊🌞

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  • Big chungas

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  • The first dog was so rough and Apallo is just chill I would have freaked the f*ck out if I was playing with that first dog

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  • The police dog have a neckless that gives preasuer on their neck! 😢😢

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  • Can you Guy pls do the intro again

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  • Is it just me or I don’t know if I would be scared if the dogs found be or would be cuted out like those dogs are so cute but deffinatly giid at being feirce ❤️😳

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  • Date:September 22, 1992

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  • You guys are awesome

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  • golden retrievers are the right choice i (USED TO) have one he was funny lazy happy playful and used to run around the table whilst we were watching tv its the way im telling you

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  • Yes Cory get a golden retriever there the best dogs I have 2 of them and there amazing

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  • Rose I like the dog that's why I gave a thumbs up

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  • My dogs name is Apollo

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  • good boy

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  • Appolo is a k9 from the movie the dog who saved summer

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  • Pit bull

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  • apollo is the cutest

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  • So we gonna ack like we didn’t see the strip pole 😑

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  • i now a dog isnt a police dog but is the bread they use And i ran and it jumped on me and batted my ear until i was on the floor Realy he is a big teady he just didnt want me to go

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  • Kanines smell good so cover yourself with a smell

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  • I can just see a dog going for the throat

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  • Count how many times capron says oh he’s a good boy

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  • I love watching your videos y’all have some great content keep it up and that is great that you’ll hit 6 million should do another trampoline Feeling

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  • Does rydel have her cyber truck

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  • There is a golden breeder near where I live

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  • My dogs know how to go this but not as well and they won’t hurt u lol

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  • How did the camera man not get bitten?

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  • Apollo dog was a pit

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  • You guys make my day

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  • Hi it's me dark side this is my dads acunot

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  • Okay but I has a dislike that and they are well nice when there not working

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  • 2:12 does Corey have a pole in his room

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  • Roses are red violets are blue if I was in the closet spot It wound have been pee spot

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  • If I was playing hide-and-go-seek with them I would never check behind a microwave

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  • I have a canine to he's going through training and yes it's a boy his name is Achilles

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  • They forgot Britt

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  • Nice to see K9 polioce dog in action. This is what they are trained for. Breeding them is not easy, you need good bloodlines, know your bloodlines and training starts at 4 weeks old. We live in Belgium where we breed malinois for police work. We just started a behind the scene project where you can see the puppies being raised. We will keep 2 males and train them further untill they are 12-18 month. The time they will go to the police for further training. We will post behind the scenes training, showing techniques, how to learn them, tricks. Different well know dutch decoys, Belgium top trainer. check our youtube channel: desolcasa

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