Found Secret Tunnel Underneath Our New House

2 okt 2020
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Found a secret tunnel underneath our new house!
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    • Make the big attic space a gaming room

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  • Interesting crawl spaces.

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  • Nipple ow video ends

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  • Gimme then undies

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  • In next vid u should decorate the tunnel

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  • New much is so cool thank you so much

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  • Sup

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  • When you guys are just opening the door to the tunnel in the beginning of the video I see my name and I just thought that was creepy.

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  • secret tunnel

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  • You should make the room behind the TV novas room

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  • I just finished the tour of the house

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  • Help I am getting kidnapped

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  • John wayne gacy would of loved it

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  • avatar reference lol

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  • Bro when you said the door open slowly- that’s what happened in my basement when I was down there with a friend

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  • i love you guys and i wanted to be a scooter but my frunt tir got stuck and broke my wrist and my forarm but i love you guses soo much you guys repasent me

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  • It’s 17th

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  • you are the best funk bros

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  • brie larson

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  • Take the limo off road and. Then be likely off a ramp

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  • Do this 7 ways to put slime in a room In 20:00 minutes

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  • This probably is an old house built in world war 2 or something

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  • I have been watching for more than 4 years, when I am sad just watch u, it would mean the world if u replied, I have always wanted to be in a video I would fly to tall for a video

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  • At the end of the video🤣🤣

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  • C L I C K B A I T

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  • Yo when your doing that shit wear like some sort of mask cause there is most likely mold

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  • I’ve been watching u guys sense I was six (I’m ten now turning elven soon)

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  • No one no one at all: Capron: nipple Corey: ow

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  • Aww my birthday is the day after your match, I really want it for my birthday but I can’t afford it x

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  • So fun

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  • Make the big attic space a gaming room

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  • Do haunted videos!!!

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  • You should do funk Bros hide from law enforcement in your new house

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  • You should do a video again doing a hide and seek from cops again in the new house!

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  • I love it

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  • So that door opening was during the Jack and Jill bathroom showing and it was way before 858

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  • I saw some thing ya the second

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  • I saw some thing ya the second Tunnel

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  • the door lowly opens wile the other door slowly shuts

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  • Secret tunnel. I like how they put Toph as the earth bender

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  • y'all that do be a crawl space... like if something goes on with ur pipes plumbers go under there and crap.. me and my dad go in our bc we re do bathrooms

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  • They should stay there overnight like so they can see

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  • you should get ZHC to customize your limo

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  • Have you ever heard of a crawl space? Not hating just woundering

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  • that must be cool what are yall going to do with it ?

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  • That limo sick

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  • Yeah that’s not the right use of a limo, 😶😶😶.

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  • Hey guys i think you guys are smashing the content its awesome

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  • I don’t know the words but I think it goes something like. Secret tunnel secret tunnels

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  • The one inside that was the third one caption could make it a gaming room

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  • Y’all should get Sam and Colby to come and see if it’s haunted

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  • Hi guys I just wanted to say that's your videos are one of the best videos that I've ever seen but I just wanted to say thank you for all your guyses hard work and I hope you guys can get 10 million before the end of the year

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  • why does your house have so many secrets

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  • 4:00 seret tunnel happy tunnel

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  • October 17 my birthday

  • Funk Bros: omygosh we found a secret room in the roof of our house! Me: its called an attic Funk Bros: Omygosh we found a secret room under our house. Me: Thats a normal thing to have an area beneath the house where you access pipes and stuff. Funk Bros: Omygosh we found a secret room in our house Me: its literally just a place where you have access to the empty spaces in your house which is also a very normal thing. Funk Bros: *clickbait* Me: 200iq too good for that nonsense.

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  • I love that they are in a sketchy place with music that says everytging will be alright XD

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  • Yo Funk Bros No Joke My birthday is October 17th lol

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  • SECRET TUNNEL hahahah

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  • I’m glad You’re a channel that dosnt make it clickbait/fake scary. Great stuff

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  • could you plz respond to this I watch all your videos I have been watching sense you made the channel.

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  • Its called a crawl space Smh

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  • Play hide in seek with swats k

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  • It’s not secret and it’s not a tunnel, it’s called a crawl space. Most houses in the Midwest have. But I enjoyed the video! Just providing some info for ya!

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  • It’s not a secret tunnel, it’s the bottom of a housr

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  • find out how to connect all the secret rooms to the secret tunnel and make an escape room

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  • Put the tunnel behind the TV or Cory wants it put some turf in it ripped out low shelves make it an open door and then let your dog have it yeah

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  • You guys should clean them up and that could be your guys hangout area. The attic in kaceys room clean that one up and the other places. I hope you guys see this it would be a dream come true.

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  • Me seeing toph at 4:08 "I wanna be an earth bender"

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  • Its not eight fifty eight it was 7:55

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  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!

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  • The thumbnail is so fake

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  • Nipple

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