100FT Slime Slip N Slide! Ft Nick Uhas.

23 sept 2020
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@Nick Uhas Built A 100ft slide out of shaving cream in our backyard!
Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) @Capron Funk @Corey Funk
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MANAGEMENT: s.jacobs@bep-la.com

  • I came from TickTock I love it

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  • Wtf

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  • You know Capron and Rydel are going to be great parents but Corey and Hannah are going to be awesome aunt and uncle

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  • Hows the funktastic as ur new word

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  • Bruh

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  • You are my favorite people ever

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  • What the first song name?

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  • Hannah reaaallllyyy trusts her bikini top 😂 I love her!! 💘

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  • You guys are on a add

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  • Yall should do this again but next time use a snowboard

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  • cory: who said im scared im not scared at all capron: well i know mentally you are scared (edit) me: im crying right know omg thats why im subscribed to this chanle

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    • Wth

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  • Corey and capron can we hang out because I'm nick moores friends little cousin and I love your videos and watch them all

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  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!

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  • 6:37

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  • I love your EEworld channels ❤️

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  • Cool 😎

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    • Cool 😎

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    • Cool 😎 ist es

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  • What happened to the intro

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  • That looks so fun

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  • 500

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  • i can go fer there

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  • Where are your wet socks?

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  • What happened to the snow what happens if you smell video come on

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  • Your videos are better now

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  • As I was watching this I was cutting a plastic pork

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  • This is me in 8 years

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  • Anyone notice the time of the video

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  • Help I tried to fill out the form to text you all but it keeps saying I have to be 13 teen I am

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  • This was filmed at the new house right???

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    • Hi

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  • Can we get more likes ?

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  • So this was before Danny got fucked up

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  • Funk bros do not like black people

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  • 1:24 I want that :(

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  • what happend your old house im talkin bout 4 years ago i havent watched you in a while

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    • that was there parents house they moved out into there own house and they’re about to move again

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  • The fact that I know nick from big brother so all I can think of is Gina Marie bawling over nick, half of y’all don’t know what I’m talking about but like I can’t 💀

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  • That first montage lmao

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  • Imagine having both capron cory mr beast and lazer beam as ur brothers

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  • That’s so cool that this turned into a commercial

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  • Can you call me back

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  • Corey: I am missing cartilage on my elbow Me (after science lessons):WHAT?? 🤔😅

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  • i love u bro ive been watching since i was 13 now im 18

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  • Can you come visit me i live in south africa a have pet lion

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  • Use baby oil works so much better lol

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  • Cool 🤙

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  • How the heck does Billy man come up with hilarious things randomly

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  • Shaving cream slide, leads to water Now it cleans u

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  • Coo

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  • Oh my gosh i love your vids ssooooo much💖😄

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  • Lol wut if I get more likes than nick uhas

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  • i love you guys so much you are so cool you are the best to me!!!!!

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  • I thought Billy was going over the edge it scared the living daylights out of meh.

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    • His face was so funny when he saw

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  • Your the best funk bros who is waiting for the best scientists too sponsor him

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  • People having fun in 2020 Me: 👁 👄 👁

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  • 3:11 when they started singing WAP OMG

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  • I love the new house make a 24 hour video please Funk roll .

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  • @corey.funk this looked like so much fun

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  • Can you just like the comment

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  • I love you guys

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  • Pliss make video with nedal flipper

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  • I’m back 4 years later, what happened to the intro?

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    • They changed it about a year ago.

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    • I miss it

      t i at i a10 päeva tagasi
    • @King Sj t

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    • @King Sj v

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    • So true

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  • I like the old intro song pls change it

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  • Your editing is so cool 😎

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  • Why you haven’t been uploading

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  • wait are jason and payton dating?!!!?!?!

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  • Yo I can’t stand this soundtrack

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  • Best duo youtuber youtubers

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  • oh my god that is really fun I want to play and slide there at there house

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  • On the last one I thought he was going to slide on out

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  • Hey Danny. Love when Danny's in the videos. I hope you're feeling better Danny after your burn injuries. Stay up brother. Much love

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  • Dude Why did they use Nick they should’ve just used mark Rober he’s so much smarter and did Nick work at NASA for 10 years no I don’t think so

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  • Bring Back Z!!! I can’t be the only one who wants this

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    • Z got hurt

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    • With his own squad

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    • But z has his own life

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    • Ur not

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