Riding Through Impossible Shapes!

13 juuni 2020
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Created Impossible Shapes and Attempted to ride through them!
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  • I love the funk bros so so much i got a professional scooter for Christmas

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  • I feel like... Its the big bro coming up with the great ideas or the big bro encouraging the ideas and then the lil bro impressing everyone completing the ideas like perfect. Anyone else

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  • do more shapes with the drift car

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  • Hey capron haters be haters just say whatever you want it's okay

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  • Anyone else want to be in their video Corey as a child Capron as a child/the taller child 👦🏻 🦺 👖 🧒🏻 👕 👖

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  • Bro where did y’all get ur teal penny board from I’ve been wanting one for a while and we have not found one can u send me the link

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