Last To Sink Wins!

18 juuli 2020
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Last to sink wins! We built our own boats and attempted to float haha
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  • i think wood

    Heather StewartHeather StewartМісяць tagasi
  • Foam

    The2PlayersThe2Players3 місяці tagasi
  • Why don’t you do 1000 biscuits in a moving truck

    mark knightmark knight4 місяці tagasi
  • i say wood becorse the carbord and the fom will leak

    caroline pfliegercaroline pflieger4 місяці tagasi
  • Spy on Drew and Britt pla

    emms mafwilaemms mafwila5 місяців tagasi
  • 6:33

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  • 🔥

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  • You guys should take all of your girlfriends on a date and do a home made trampoline park

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  • 9:19 when u tryna cross the 10 min mark but fail lmaoo

    [MCY]Trinikid Games[MCY]Trinikid Games6 місяців tagasi
  • 1:53 “whoever leaves the box last loses”

    RAM PAIGERAM PAIGE6 місяців tagasi
  • Who else didn’t know they know they were even thinking of getting married

    Conn CorcoranConn Corcoran6 місяців tagasi
    • It’s not his fault that he didn’t know that they were getting married it’s kind of rude that you said that

      T.CT.C5 місяців tagasi
    • And that's on u not being an of fann

      no sirno sir6 місяців tagasi
  • Who misses their old intro

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  • Who misses their old intro

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  • Who misses their old intro

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  • Capron: what should we call these Me in my mind: box boats obviously Capron: boatoxes🙂 Me: ahk guess we going with that😶

    Monique McMonique Mc6 місяців tagasi
  • Bobby the destroyer

    Glo KidGlo Kid6 місяців tagasi
  • Subscribed, liked, and shared can I have a shoutout

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  • youtube is dyin :( creator ran out of ideas. its no longer fun like the 2014-2016 days. will be missed :(

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  • Unico Comentario en español Ve veras 👁👄👁🗡

    Usuario DesconocidoUsuario Desconocido6 місяців tagasi
  • I have names for the boats SS cardboard SS foamy SS unsweetenedwood

    DJ The ultimateDJ The ultimate6 місяців tagasi
  • 1:30 does anyone know what this song is ?

    MorganT Belfast 99MorganT Belfast 996 місяців tagasi
  • "Let's get naked" Everyone: 👁️👁️ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ 👃 ‍ 👄

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  • Hiiiiiiiiiiii

    ella Lambertella Lambert6 місяців tagasi
  • Hi, I am sorry I just can’t figure out what XD means I really am sorry and if any one knows and is willing to tell me it will be highly appreciated?💕💕❤️❤️

    Angela BurgoyneAngela Burgoyne6 місяців tagasi
  • I Like funk bros

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  • Gratulations Corry for your marriage

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  • E

    GD xolinGD xolin6 місяців tagasi
    • R

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    • R

      GD xolinGD xolin6 місяців tagasi
    • R

      GD xolinGD xolin6 місяців tagasi
  • I 💗 y’all 💕❤️

    OLGA HUIZAROLGA HUIZAR6 місяців tagasi
  • At 7:00 do last to stand on a wooden boat wins

    Monk3y boi XMonk3y boi X6 місяців tagasi
  • Lol

    Jonas LuxhøjJonas Luxhøj6 місяців tagasi
  • Billy said the card board smells like old candy lol that had me dying

    Ashlyn PughAshlyn Pugh6 місяців tagasi
  • Did they really get married

    Dylan WeichertDylan Weichert6 місяців tagasi
  • Wait did they actually get mArried or is this a joke wtf

    Olivia LottOlivia Lott6 місяців tagasi
  • Make urself boats using same materials and play airsoft on water

    Josip KasaloJosip Kasalo6 місяців tagasi
  • wood

    Lalith Charan Madanna GundapaneniLalith Charan Madanna Gundapaneni6 місяців tagasi
  • Boring

    cyrondominick dominickcyrondominick dominick6 місяців tagasi
  • I've been watching these guy for like 3 years and the whole time I thought they were real brothers

    vince marstersvince marsters6 місяців tagasi
  • Foam but then Bobby jumped in when capron clearly said nice and slow I don't really like Bobby not going to lie

    kiran gillkiran gill6 місяців tagasi
  • you are the best

    Billy BAXTERBilly BAXTER6 місяців tagasi
  • Man got the Danny Duncan shorts

    Austin AdamsAustin Adams6 місяців tagasi
  • Lol

    L•E•A•HL•E•A•H6 місяців tagasi
  • Did anyone else know that billy was in dodger films football videos yea search it up on EEworld

    Charles BakerCharles Baker6 місяців tagasi
  • Funk bros need to collab with the dangie bros??

    DAN-macDAN-mac6 місяців tagasi
  • U should do a 24 hour in middle of the ocean

    William WilsonWilliam Wilson6 місяців tagasi
  • What happened to caprons abs tho

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  • Love your vids😍

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  • we love you guys if you agree like and sub

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  • You guys are hilarious as always 😎💯

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  • Please do a “strongest bridge works” when you have to build a bridge from home materials and test the weight

    BROWNWOOD BWBROWNWOOD BW6 місяців tagasi
    • I had to do that for school

      Lil HLil H6 місяців tagasi
  • Only ogs remember funkisodes

    Have a great DayHave a great Day6 місяців tagasi
  • foam will win

    madeline patrick tarbardmadeline patrick tarbard6 місяців tagasi
  • When the box sinks it’s like Madagascar’s

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  • You should do a tattoo stencil ink pool challenge

    Ryan KeepingRyan Keeping6 місяців tagasi
  • I added you in my texts but i have to be 13 to talk to you😪

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  • Funk bros are putting way more effort in

    GhostKillerGhostKiller6 місяців tagasi
  • You guys copied Faze Kay

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  • You need to take the water heater and put it in the pool

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  • Corey's more savage!😂

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  • Foam

    Aiden BrierAiden Brier6 місяців tagasi
  • I subscribed

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  • I will subscribe to you guys

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  • I love your videos

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  • Technically caption won because he said the last one to leave loses

    willzkillzwillzkillz6 місяців tagasi
  • They sank in twenty seconds and fooled around for seven minutes. Thats content☣️

    Man of the HouseMan of the House6 місяців tagasi
  • You should hire a body guard outside than act as a robber to see what he will do!

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  • I love you guys sooooooo much

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  • I subscribed and turned on post notifications

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  • Foam

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  • I should put a floating dock in your pool

    Isaac ManiaIsaac Mania6 місяців tagasi
  • Wait is corey and capron brothers?

    Sabrina CoughlanSabrina Coughlan6 місяців tagasi
  • maybe u have to flex seal all of the 🙄

    Jesse HodgeJesse Hodge6 місяців tagasi
  • i like caprons haircut

    Joshua KuberskiJoshua Kuberski6 місяців tagasi
  • Tbh this sounds weird but I thought capron said sister instead of assistant 😂😂😂😆😆😆

    Skyz OzoSkyz Ozo6 місяців tagasi
  • See when we text you does it charge us? Love you guys ❤️

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  • I like the videos a little better when Corey was there

    Maximus JaramilloMaximus Jaramillo6 місяців tagasi
  • Okay guys I have a question for caporon cause I have not kept up vlwrte is there dog they bought nova

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  • Same sense the cap flip

    Danzig BrandelDanzig Brandel6 місяців tagasi
  • Yo you guys should bring back squash it

    KNUCKL3S615 schneltenKNUCKL3S615 schnelten6 місяців tagasi
  • At first I thought u said he’s dating my sister😂

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  • Next time make it to were u guys make the bouts an u use different thing to make the bouts like u each get 20$ an go to Walmart to make ur bout I think that would be cool

    Trevor AlguireTrevor Alguire6 місяців tagasi
  • Do u have discord?

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  • Bye bye

    Branden JohnsonBranden Johnson6 місяців tagasi
  • I have been wochin you sins I vieossind I

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  • My dad: what silly stuff are you watching now? Me:number 1~it isn't silly. Number 2~ These people are the best youtubers in the universe. The y are the one an only funk bros! My dad: sports is better. Me: WAIT WHAT NUH-UH NO THE FUNK BROS ARE WAYYYYYY BETTER THAN THE SPORTS IN TWO WAYS, QUALITY AND ENTERTAINMENT!!!! My dad: ...... Ummmmmm

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  • Stork

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  • Hello, I dont personally watch you videos My freind has asked me to comment this, he cant comment on your videos due to him watching EEworld only on a TV, if you have enough time to respond to this please do, if u do respond please respond with: Hi Mason,

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  • blezi on yt more like blezi on hight

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  • I’VE GOT A JAR OF DIRT!!!!!!

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  • Hi Cory it was nice seeing you yesterday

    xzachly1xzachly16 місяців tagasi
  • Where did the backyard water park go?

    DylanPyleDylanPyle6 місяців tagasi
  • 24ors in the ball pit

    jessica toshjessica tosh6 місяців tagasi
  • Last

    Kadie MayKadie May6 місяців tagasi
  • fill the pool with orbeez

    Brayden WatkinsBrayden Watkins6 місяців tagasi
  • y’alls views go down more and more everyday cause y’all make bs videos literally had nothing to films so just taped up boxes y’all really lame ash🥴🤧I’m now unsubscribed

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  • Yay boi I’m here love your vidoes

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  • Deberían de usar todos las mismas calcetines 🧦 adidas blancas largas

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  • In one minute of posting this there is 1k comments and over 300,000 views and 18k likes

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  • Cc

    Connor Is qtConnor Is qt6 місяців tagasi
  • Are you part a of the scooter squad

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  • wood

    Taylor HeynesTaylor Heynes6 місяців tagasi