Built Underground Quarantine Survival Bunker!

17 mai 2020
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We built a homemade Underground Quarantine Survival Bunker!
Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) @Corey Funk @Capron Funk
Funk Brand: funkbrand.co/
MANAGEMENT: s.jacobs@bep-la.com

  • Hids for Corona

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  • Hay they where watching the baby sitter

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  • 8: 50 The blue bottle fell by itself

    אוריה ל.אאוריה ל.א23 päeva tagasi
  • Now way

    sharon pennsharon penn23 päeva tagasi
  • You should have thought of that in 2019 cuz it coronavirus haha

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  • I have the same Xbox One X as you and black

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  • Hi my name is Thomas but I am on my sister iPad because I have a ps4

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  • Billy is so loud

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  • Can u do dis with aircon

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  • they rlly good at putting where to put stuff

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  • I love there fvids so much OMG his video are really crazy

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  • It is not Britt and drew it is dritt

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  • There EEworld channel should be called wet socks bros

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  • it dose not look great it looks Amazing

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  • X

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  • You should connect multiple container

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  • i thought it was bigger : l

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  • It is a really good video

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  • 24 hour challenge?

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  • Like a country

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  • There’s literally no way that will protect you from radiation or anything else

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  • Sick move

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  • It's not practical and serve no purpose other than hangout, short term survival sessions and content, And that's it.

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  • I am yo mum

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  • Gosh i wish u guys were my brothers. It would be soo much fun and Coreys laugh🤣

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  • Make it bigger

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  • I was a fan of funk bro’s in 2018 and this Is how many times Corey moves his hands while talking

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  • I no rite ok let’s go jk

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  • I love you guys, and does anybody notice that the Funk bros are doing great on subscribers? Keep up the good work Funk bros

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  • You should contact my uncle in hawaii he can build you guys a tiny home

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  • Wait it’s not underground 🤔

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  • Alguien que hable español

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  • why me comment no here 😭

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  • Capron: we bought a big box today Me:we bought a small box today

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  • 59 seconds in and I can already tell this is going to be a failure. Not to mention the two halfwits are annoying as hell.

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  • why did you say the world will end

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  • U needed to make a wall of legos

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  • Big box more like funk box

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  • EMP WAVE: Say goodbye to your devices 😈

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  • Anyone else notice the first can of soup when talking to hannah was actually tomato soup not chicken noodle🤔😂😂

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  • They are the best mostly Corey and Billy oh and britz and drew and Charli and Jason love you Corey Billy Brits and drew and Charli and Jason you guys are the best and Tanner fox yooo

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  • You should see colinfurze's underground bunker that's amazing

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  • Your Good

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  • You can expand it to make it huge (Play pinewood computer core in roblox to get an idea)

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  • 24 hours challence!

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  • 10:56 he called it a boxfort lol

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  • Capron: -The world's gonna end soon. I felt that.

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  • if there is fortnite then i rate this 7/10 if there's not, then it's 15/10

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  • Dritt in Norwegian is like shit😬😬

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  • Funk bros: we built an underground quarantine bunker Me: ima just use my house ok

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